Sunday, July 15, 2012

RTX 2012 - Austin, Texas

RTX also known as Rooster Teeth Expo is a weekend event hosted by Rooster Teeth in Austin, Texas. RTX 2012 was their second and needless to say, it was a huge success. With the attendance well over 4,000, Rooster Teeth seems to be headed in the right direction.

Halo 4 at RTX!

343 Studios sent their elite team to showcase their E3 Build of their new game, Halo 4. This was the first time the general public had the opportunity to delve into the multiplayer. For many attendees this was the first stop on the list for the weekend. While waiting in the agonizing two hour line that seemed to last for days, you couldn't help but ask yourself a few questions.  

What guns am I going to use?
Does this feel like Halo?
How does sprint play a role in Halo?
Who's going to be my first kill?

No matter how many questions you ask yourself, you will never be prepared for your first match of Halo 4. The game will take you by surprise and blow your expectations out of the water. When you get into your first BR(Battle Rifle) battle and you see your hit markers light up just before your opponents lifeless spartan falls to the ground, you know Halo is back! With the addition of the hit markers, you never have to question if you shots are hitting again. Some people say this is to similar to CoD but I beg to differ. While CoD may have hit markers, there have been many other games before its time with this feature. Without question 343 Studies has really done a great job on the game thus far.

Halo 4 has been given a massive overhaul. The team is giving the community and fans the much needed upgraded we have all been asking for. This is only the E3 Build that was showcased at RTX so expect there to be changes. 
Pregame Lobby(E3 Build) - Boys vs Girls
Spartan Customization(E3 Build) - Boys vs Girls
Saturday I had the pleasure of playing on the main stage with my good friend Bravo against the girls. We were showcasing the new snow map Longbow. While it was a bit big for a 5v5 it played really well. The vehicles feel very balanced, easy to use and they look great.

Here is a quick snap shot(right) of the new user friendly pregame lobby before we started our match.

This is the armor and color combination I used for the game(left). The possibilities seem endless with what 343 has shown us in the E3 build.

While this match was all out of good fun, we gave the crowd and online viewers a good show.

Overall the game looks and feels like Halo but with some major upgrades! I can happily say I'll be getting the game when it comes out. 

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